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Until the end of June, the Arizona Genomics Institute will operate at limited capacity.

The projects and communications may be impacted, resulting in minor delays.

We thank you for understanding,

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Overview of Services

Since 2002, the Arizona Genomics Institute's Service Center produces genomics datasets, focusing on plants and crops.

The most common services are long-read DNA sequencing and DNA and RNA extraction.
AGI runs two PacBio sequencers (Revio and Sequel II), together with all ancillary instruments (Agilent Femto Pulse, Diagenode Megaruptor, Sage Science Pippin HT, and more) that enable AGI to produce the high-quality sequencing data for which it is known for worldwide.
Other services include transcriptome sequencing (PacBio Iso-Seq), amplicon sequencing, and PacBio 16S sequencing (V1-V9 region).

Before preparing your sample for a project, we recommend our customers to consult the recommendations here or to reach out to AGI directly for more details.


Rod A. Wing, PhD | Director

Dario Copetti, PhD | Associate Director



Location and hours of operation

Keating Building

1657 E Helen Street

Tucson, AZ, 85721


Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm MST


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