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Overview of Services

The Microscopy Shared Resource (MSR) is a new, advanced microscopy facility located at the University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC), servicing the immediate and future needs of biomedical and translational researchers.

The MSR provides several advanced instruments and services for all UA researchers, including confocal microscopy, super resolution microscopy, slide scanning, live cell imaging, multiphoton and intravital imaging, advanced image analysis, and much more. In addition to providing advanced instrumentation and imaging services, the core facility is a model of academic collaboration. MSR provides a space for on-site workshops, imaging seminars highlighting cutting-edge imaging approaches, demonstrations of next components/instruments, and support to the broader imaging community by building an “imaging culture” on campus.


NEW MSR Rates - November 2023

For all MSR rates, please view our MSR Instrument and Service Rates document.



MSR provides the following instruments/services:

  • Available Instruments (select instrument for full microscope specs):


  • Imaging Services:
    • Microscope Training/Training Refresher - Microscope training for the Crest, AX R, and SoRa confocal microscopes. Training generally takes 2-4 hrs, depending on familiarity with the imaging technique, Nikon hardware, and software. A Training Refresher generally takes 1-2hrs depending on user needs.
    • Assisted Confocal Imaging Service - MSR staff performs imaging for users, based on user-specified parameters. Assisted imaging is available for the Crest, AX R, and SoRa confocal microscopes.
    • Assisted STORM Imaging Service - MSR staff provides assisted STORM imaging for users with no background ni STORM. This includes guidance with fluorphoreselection,STORM imaging bufer preparation, and STORM image acquisition with user guidance.
    • Assisted Multiphoton Imaging Service - MSR staff provides assisted Multiphoton imaging for users with no background ni MP. This includes objective len calibration, alignment of tunable and fixed lasers, and setup of ancillary equipment.
    • Assisted BioPipeline Slide Scanning Service - MSR staff performs whole-slide imaging, based on user needs. This service also extends to any image processing that is needed (i.e. Zstacks → Maximum Image Projections) or export (i.e. .nd2 files → .tiff files).
    • Overnight Imaging (6pm - 8am) - Users imaging during off-peak hours benefit from a discounted hourly rate. This rate also enables overnight live cel imaging experiments. Users that schedule imaging time during this period wil automatically recieved the Overnight Imaging rate in iLabs.


  • Image Analysis Services:
    • Image Analysis Training - MSR staff trains users on how to use image analysis plateforms to build their own analysis pipeline. Currently, MSR is training users in ImageJ/Fiji, QuPath, and Nikon NIS Elements software platforms.
    • Image Analysis Script Development - MSR staff developes an image analysis script for users to perform semi- to fully-automated image analysis. MSR staff meets with users ot design a custom analysis script based on quantification needs Currenity, the MSR developes analysis scripts ni for users ni either QuPath or Nikon NIS Elements.
    • Image Analysis Full Service - MSR staff performs al image analysis and data export based on user-specified quantification needs. Analysis wil be performed in either QuPath or Nikon NIS Elements, depending on the the complexity of the analysis.





For information about available instruments, instrument specifications, and pricing, please visit Schedule Equiptment.

To request any of these services (including microscope training), please visit Request Services



Ghassan "Gus" Mouneimne, Ph.D. | Director

Marco Padilla-Rodriguez, Ph.D. | Manager

David Jones, P.S.M. | Staff


Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 

(9am - 5pm)*

1515 N. Campbell Ave

Tucson, AZ, 85724


*Night and weekend instrument access for trained users only



Name Role Phone Email Location
Marco Padilla-Rodriguez, Ph.D.
UACC MSR Manager
(520) 626-6041
Leon Levy Cancer Center
David Jones, P.S.M.
(520) 626-2548
Leon Levy Cancer Center
Ghassan "Gus" Mouneimne, Ph.D.
UACC MSR Director
(520) 626-4616
Leon Levy Cancer Center