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The University of Arizona Viral Production Core facility offers services for the generation of high-titer AAV, Adenoviral and Lentiviral particles.  We provide a full cloning service for the generation of plasmids of interest, a high quality purification of viral particles and analysis of specific viral properties. Recombinant viruses are powerful tools that can be used to overexpress, silence, or edit genes. Exceptional features of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) allow for generating effective disease models and studying unique gene functions and genotype-phenotype relationships in various animal models. Lentivirus vectors used for the in vitro transduction of nearly all cell types, including difficult-to-transfect cells. Adenoviruses are the most effective and promising tool for gene therapy.


Henk Granzier, PhD, Professor and Core Director

Olga Alekhina, PhD, Research Specialist

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Olga Alekhina, PhD
Research Specialist
(520) 626-4198
College of Medicine - Tucson, Medical Research Building, 3rd Floor
Henk Granzier, PhD
(520) 626-3641
College of Medicine - Tucson, Medical Research Building, 3rd Floor

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