Cryogenics & Compressed Gas Facility

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Overview of Services

The Cryogenics and Gas Facility is the supplier for all cryogenic liquids, gases, and dry ice for the University of Arizona campus.

Our team has over 70 years of extensive knowledge and background with cryogenics and are readily available to answer any questions in regards to product needs and safety regulations. We are open to companies outside of the University of Arizona campus and will deliver!


Christopher Redondo

Manager, Cryogenics and Gas Facility

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

M - F 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Product Pickup 8AM to 11AM

(See online store for up-to-date hours)

Please use Emergency Number

for after hour product emergencies. 

1118 E. 4th St, Room 164

Tucson AZ 85721

Ofc: 520-621-2374

Fax: 520-626-0560

Emergencies: 520-307-2576

Links and Resources

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    If you have trouble accessing our ordering site, please call the billing office at (520) 621-4064 or send a screenshot of your issue to Please note that the billing office can assist in IT and account access questions, but may not be able to answer questions about products. 


Name Role Phone Email Location
Core Facility Business Office
Billing Inquiries
Keating Room 200
Cryogenics & Gas Facility
General Facility Contact
Physics & Atmospheric Sciences Room 164