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UA Cancer Center - Bioinformatics, Behavioral Measurement and Interventions, Genomics, Biostatistics Shared Resources

Overview of Services

The Bioinformatics Shared Resource supports all stages of a project, ranging from experimental design to analysis and publication of these data and development of grant applications. The BISR staff work individually with researchers to select the data analysis approach that would help answer the research question, with the ultimate goal of creating testable hypotheses and making fundamental new discoveries in cancer research. The Bioinformatics Shared Resource can help with a variety of analyses, including: 1) analysis of transriptomic, proteomic and other high-throughput data types, 2) analysis of cancer molecular and clinical data from public databases including NIH-TCGA, CCLE, GDSC, NIH-LINCS, and GEO, and 3) data integration and hypothesis generation through network analysis and pathway enrichment.


The Behavioral Measurement and Interventions Shared Resource (BMISR) has more than 25 years of experience providing support to UACC members and other University and national researchers studying human lifestyle behaviors related to cancer prevention and control, including diet, physical activity, tobacco exposure, quality of life, sun-safety, sleep and symptom management.  BMISR is a unique "one stop" resource that provides investigators one access point to several research services ranging from study design consultation to intervention delivery to data analysis.


The Genomics Shared Service (GSS): analysis of DNA and RNA from single genes to whole genome and metagenomic samples.

If you're unsure of how to get started, request the "Start a Project" service.


  • Next-gen sequencing: Ion Torrent PGM, Ion Torrent Proton, and Oxford Nanopore Minion. Sequencing providing scalable sevice from as few as a million reads. e.g. whole exome, RNA transcriptome (RNAseq), mutation analysis, amplicon sequencing, 16S rRNA, construct confirmation, custom sequencing panels, ChIP-chip and bisulfite sequencing for epigenetic analysis. As part of our commitment to providing high quality genomics service, the Core has qualified as a member of the Ion Torrent Certified Service Provider Program.
  • Microarray: Affymetrix genechip platform. Whole transcriptome and genotyping. The Affymetrix provides a more economical approach to whole transciptome analysis than RNAseq from smaller sample material (as little as 100 cells) and FFPE samples that would be problematic for RNAseq.
  • real time qPCR. Applied Biosystem SDS 7500 e.g. gene expression, genotyping, mutation analysis, quantitation of organisms in a metagenomic sample.
  • Sample quality control and quantitation: NanoDrop, Agilent Bioanalyzer, Qubit. Quantitation and qualitation of RNA and DNA down to a few picrgrams per microliter.
  • Experimental design and data analysis. The GSS can provide guidance and trouble shooting for all steps of the process to help you anaswer your research questions. From sample isolation, QC, choosing the right platform, to data analysis, figure prearation, writing methods, and assisting with grant applications.
  • Sample isolation. DNA and RNA isolation from fresh and frozen tissue, FFPE samples, cell lines, environmental samples, bacterial DNA isolation, whole blood, sputum, cerebrospinal fluid, cell free DNA isolation, small samples.
  • Custom applications. The GSS has particular expertise in epigenetic and microbiome analysis. We can work with you to develop and adapt techniques and protocols to perform custom analyses to further your research goals, contact us to set up a consulatation.


The Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) ensures excellent and timely biostatistical support in the design, development and analysis for all members of the University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC).  The BSR provides efficient statistical design, accurate and organized data, and appropriate data analyses and interpretation to enable UACC investigators to achieve their scientific goals.  This support is facilitated by a team approach and the long-term dedicated involvement of specific BSR personnel embedded within all four of the UACC scientific programs. The BSR brings together a group of 10 individuals with specific expertise in biostatistics, clinical trials, statistical computing, and statistical database applications.  BSR faculty and staff are collaboratively involved in the conception, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of laboratory, translational, clinical and population-based research conducted in the UACC.  

 Services Provided:

  • Clinical protocol development: Sample size justification and development of an appropriate statistical analysis approach 
  • Statistical considerations for funding applications: Translation of scientific objectives into statistically testable hypotheses, sample size and power justifications, and development of statistical analysis plans
  • Statistical analysis, interpretation, and assistance with manuscript preparation
  • Statistical review of UACC protocols by service on the Scientific Review Committee
  • Monitoring study safety and data integrity through service on the Data and Safety Monitoring Board


Megha Padi, Ph.D. BISR Director

Lois J. Loescher, Ph.D. BMISR Co-Director

Cynthia Thomson, Ph.D. BMISR Co-Director

George Watts, Ph.D. Genomic Co-Director

Denise J. Roe, DrPH Professor, Director BSR

Location and hours of operation

Hours: Location:






Monday -Friday






Bioinformatics Shared Resource:

 UACC 1st Floor


Behavioral Measurement and Interventions Shared Resource:

 3950 S. Country Club Rd

 Suite 330

 Tucson, AZ. 85714


Genomics Shared Service:

Room 3933, The University of Arizona Cancer Center

1515 N. Campbell Ave.Tucson AZ 85724




1515 N. Campbell Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85724

Links and Resources

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  3. Behavioral Measurement and Interventions Shared Resource Instrument Repository
  4. The Genomics Core


Name Role Phone Email Location
Megha Padi
Bioinformatics Shared Resource Director

Angela Yung
BMISR Operations Manager

George Watts
Genomics Co-Director
Room 3921 UACC
Denise J. Roe, DrPH
Professor, Director, BSR
Room 1933 UACC
Angela Wakeham
Program Coord. Sr.
Room 1930 UACC

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