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The Cleanroom is currently down for renovations.  Expected to be complete in Spring 2025.  If a tool is still online in iLab, then that means it is still available for use and the location is in the tool description.  Contact Greg or James for access.  If the tool is offline, you will not be able to schedule it.

Overview of Services

The Nano Fabrication Center is one of the University of Arizona's Research, Innovation and Impact (RII) cores, and supports and enhances the research, education and public service missions of the University. The Center is open and flexible, enabling researchers to endeavor in fabrication and enabling private enterprise to research, develop, prototype and produce their products.

The Cleanroom

The NFC houses 4000 sq. ft. of Class 10 & Class 100 cleanroom space, plus 10,000 sq. ft. of class 10,000 chase area.

NFC Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements of NFC are valuable to future funding.  On your papers, presentations and posters, please include an acknowledgement such as the one suggested below:

"This work was performed in part at the Nano Fabrication Center at the University of Arizona"


Dr. Greg Book | Director | | 520-626-1524

James Bohlman | Engineer |


Hours of Operation and Location

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 

8:00AM - 5:00PM   

24 Hour Access Available 

Electrical and Computer Engineering Bldg

1230 E Speedway Blvd

Room 230F

Tucson, AZ 85721-0104

Links and Resources

  1. See us on the web.



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Name Role Phone Email Location
Core Facility Business Office
Billing Inquiries
Keating Room 200

Available Equipment and Resources

Cleaning (3)
Deposition (7)
Lithography (6)
Metrology (11)
Oxidation & Annealing (2)
Packaging (2)
Plasma Etching (2)
Wetsinks (1)