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The Machining & Welding Center (MWC) strives to achieve excellence and leadership by introducing innovative applications to research and development sectors, which includes faculty, staff, students and private businesses. MWC supports and enhances the mission of the University of Arizona by providing prototype machining, designing, fabrication, welding, consultation, instructional support and community outreach programs. We are dedicated to providing expertise for research instrument fabrication, committed to continuous improvement of innovative processes and delivery of superior quality products on time, manufactured with expert precision. Through our daily pursuit of excellence we continually strive to uphold exceptional customer service, promote teamwork and operate with integrity.

Overview of Services

The MWC provides prototype machining, designing, fabrication, welding, consultation, instructional support, and community outreach programs.  We provide expertise in the fabrication of research instrumention, are committed to continuous improvement of innovative processes and the delivery of superior quality products on time and within specification.


We offer a variety of specialized services, provided by a staff with a combined total of more than 150 years of machining experience. The facility is well equipped with a wide variety of machines housed in a nearly 13,000 square foot facility. Our facility is flexible enough to handle anything from fabricating a single item to large scale projects such as telescope design and fabrication. Some services offered by the machining facility include precision machining and grinding, prototype instrumentation, mechanical design, instrument repair, and machine shop safety classes. The fabrication facility also offers a variety of services.


The MWC regularly works with researchers in the UA’s College of Science and College of Engineering, among others. In addition to supporting the University community, the MWC introduces innovative applications to industry partners, including those dedicated to research and development of aerospace technologies and medical devices.


Since its establishment, the MWC has contributed to numerous projects, including the building of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and the Spacewatch telescope on Kitt Peak.


Larry Acedo | Manager | | (520) 621-2211

Russel Cole | Instrument Maker/Designer | 

Location and hours of operation



Monday – Friday

7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

1040 East 4th Street, Room 235

PO Box 210077

Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

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  1. See us on the MWC Arizona Website


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