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Overview of Services

Arizona Genetics Core is your Complete Solutions provider offering innovative solutions to academic and industry researchers.

Our Complete Solutions are -


  • Scalable - Our high throughput and automated facility can accept projects of all sizes
  • Reliable - Go with experience- we have over a decade of high quality service
  • Complete - Simply provide samples and let us take care of the rest.  We offer sample-to-results complete workflows. 


To request services or contact our core for a custom quote please click the Request Services tab. 

Hours of Operation and Location

Lab Phone: 520-621-9791



Arizona Genetics Core Lab email:


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Main Lab Location

(shipping address or in-person drop off)

Sample Drop Off - south campus

(in-person only- please do not ship to this address)

Monday - Friday
9:00AM -5:00PM                   

Keating/BIO5 Building

1657 E Helen Street, Rm 106

Tucson, AZ 85721

Life Sciences South

1007  E. Lowell St, Room 205

Tucson, AZ 85721

Acknowledge Arizona Genetics Core in Publications

We appreciate that investigators recognize the support of the Arizona Genetics Core in the acknowledgment section of their publications. If you have published results using data produced from the Arizona Genetics Core, please provide a copy of your publication (electronic) to the facility for our archive (email This will help us obtain the financial support necessary to operate and improve our facility. Arizona Genetics Core is happy to provide assistance with the review of materials and methods for work conducted through the laboratory.

For acknowledgments, please use:

Arizona Genetics Core, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Facility RRID:SCR_012429

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  1. Arizona Genetics Core Website
  2. iLab help videos
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  Ryan Sprissler Barbara Fransway


Ryan Sprissler

Operations Director- RII Core Facilities

(520) 626-4882


Barbara Fransway

Manager, Genomic Research Services

(520) 626-1672


Name Role Phone Email Location
Arizona Genetics Core
General Facility Contact
Keating Room 106
Core Facility Business Office
Billing Inquiries
Keating Room 200

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