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The Molecular Structures Core (MSC) of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Support Services (RSS) enables researchers to determine the structures and dynamics, or motions, of large biomolecules such as proteins and DNA to understand how they interact with each other and with small molecules such as drugs.  In addition to state-of-the-art equipment used to examine large molecules, experienced staff to help design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze data, provide training, and operate equipment is available.  The MSC is open to all UArizona researchers and external customers.

The Bruker 800 and 600 MHz Avance NEO NMR spectrometers are optimized for biomolecular applications. Both are equipped with TCI cryoprobes for unparalleled signal-to-noise, allowing acquisition of protein spectra at as low as 10 μM concentration. The systems are capable of direct detection of 1H, 2H, 13C, 15N, and 19F, and all channels other than 2H have the sensitivity advantage of cryo-cooled electronics.

Acknowledging the RSS Units 







  Dr. Muhammed Shafeek O.H.| Researcher Scientist III
  mshafeek@arizona.edu | 520-621-9735






  Dr. Vlad Kumirov| Assistant Staff Scientist
  kumirov@arizona.edu | 520-621-8243






  Dr. Brooke Beam Massani | Director of Research Support Services/Staff Scientist
  bbeam@arizona.edu | 520-621-3395

Hours of Operation and Location

Hours Location

Staff hours
Monday - Friday

By appointment

24/7 access for Trained Users           

1041 E Lowell St

Rooms 201 & 526

Tucson, AZ 95721

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Muhammed Shafeek O.H.
Researcher Scientist III
University of Arizona
Vlad Kumirov
Assistant Staff Scientist
University of Arizona
Nancy Louks
Business Manager

Virginia Olivas
Accounting Assistant II


Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
Avance NEO 800  
Avance NEO 600  
D8 MetalJet